A strong organizational culture can be the catalyst that inspires business success and promotes employee morale and engagement across all levels. If your clients are struggling to control their culture, Align to Thrive’s IC-8 Cultural Assessment will give you the ability to help them create lasting, growth-oriented change.

Align to Thrive’s Partners are thoroughly trained in organizational culture and in the science of the IC-8® Cultural Assessment model, and can hit the ground running when it comes to cultural change. With a series of insightful, culture-revealing questions, the IC-8 Cultural Assessment allows coaches to:

  • Gather the collective cultural knowledge and views of a company's staff
  • Identify possible challenges and emphasize strengths
  • Outline the behaviors of the current organizational culture and ideal culture
  • Organize the information in a way that makes it easy to take positive action

Once an organization has completed the cultural assessment, it’s time to put the pieces in place that will facilitate change. Using the survey’s results, our Partners are trained to diagnose the strengths and shortcomings of an existing culture, and can use the results as a road map to create cultural changes aligned with a company’s vision and values.

Differentiate Your Business. Boost Your Bottom Line.

By offering the IC-8 Cultural Assessment, our Partners increase the value of their service offerings, differentiate themselves from the competition and add money to their bottom line. For every cultural assessment sold, our Partners receive a generous commission, and Align to Thrive’s cultural experts are there every step of the way to help with administering the assessment, evaluating the results and following up on cultural changes.

The Partner program is the perfect complement to corporate coaching and other business-to-business services, ranging from real estate to leadership training to branding and marketing to interior design. Culture is arguably the strongest competitive advantage a company can have, and the IC-8 Cultural Assessment is cost-effective, easy to administer across an organization and offers a comprehensive overview of the existing culture, vision and values.

Cultural Assessment Partners

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"The results show you where your organization stands today and the changes you can make to set you up for growth. Whether you make those changes or not, you've been made aware. I believe that is the crucial first step in any company's cultural reorganization. It gave us the power to be aware of when we are either repeating things that may be a detriment to our culture or when we are working in a positive, forward manner that aligns our team in the best possible way."

Bob McClure, CEO of McClure’s Pickles

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