Align to Thrive was created to share the IC-8® cultural model with the world.

Align to Thrive has set out to simplify the myths and misconceptions around corporate culture with the aid of a simple yet sophisticated model that has been developed, tested and refined for over 15 years in 41 markets around the US and Canada. Align to Thrive strives to provide an inside look and understanding of a corporate culture currently and ideally from within the company. By taking the mystery out of the sometimes confusing and broad term of culture, executives are equipped to take their companies to another level.

Align to Thrive Office

Align to Thrive was founded in 2008 by Envision U, a leadership training and cultural development company, recognized as a leader in helping organizations create the leadership influence to develop their ideal growth culture for long-term success.

Envision U was founded in 1992, focused on helping organizations identify, develop and align their culture, from leaders to sales, from customer service to operations; helping organizations become some of the best places to work.

One of their longest clients, Quicken Loans, made it onto Fortune Magazine's Best Places to Work in the number two spot behind Google. Organizations large and small have utilized Envision U’s IC-8® Cultural Assessment, Seller Style Assessment, and Leadership Style Assessment, along with customized behavioral conditioning tools and programs, life-changing workshops, events and coaching systems for lasting sustainability.

Meet The Team

Rod Hairston - Master Advisor

Rod Hairston
Master Advisor

Brooke Dukes - Master Advisor

Brooke Dukes
Master Advisor

Aga Swiecki - Master Advisor

Aga Swiecki
Master Advisor

Molly Johnson - Advisor

Molly Johnson

Michael Melfi - Advisor

Michael Melfi

Rick Middlemas - Advisor

Rick Middlemas

Tonia Revere - Advisor

Tonia Revere

Matthew Dunn - Advisor

Matthew Dunn
Master Advisor